Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory explores the phenomena of memory as embodied within place, experienced through sculpture, installation, and textile intervention into everyday objects. The act of dwelling, performed through the habitual and repetitive gestures of domesticity, is one by which an architectural space becomes encoded into our bodies. We contain an experiential knowledge which runs deeper than conscious thought, a bodily familiarity which allows us to find a light switch in the dark or open a tricky lock. The home becomes a container for interwoven layers of time and memory, an archive of the thousands of intimate, mundane, or unremarkable gestures which comprise daily life. Our awareness of the accustomed space extends beyond the boundaries of the body and beyond physical parameters to encompass vast emotional and psychological expanses. What role does the architecture of home play in the mediation of present experience and a continuity of memory? To what extent can we visualize the strange alchemical process by which interior space becomes a living piece of the self?

This exhibition was supported by the Harwood Art Center SURFACE Solo Exhibition Award.