CMYK (How To Look At An Iceberg)

CMYK (How to Look at an Iceberg), installation view: grotto set into secondhand painting shipping crate and tiled with found objects, stones, and shells collected from the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, video animation projection and audio dialogue, tarp, bioaggregate stones, floor treatment with natural dye precipitate and iron oxide. Installation dimensions variable, 5:50 dialogue and 13:52 video. 2021-2022.

5:50 excerpt from animation with full audio script. Sound design by Daniel Crouch; voiced by Iso Setel, Swapnaa Tamhane, and Daniel Crouch.

The animation is sourced from a high resolution-scan of a CMYK book plate of a reproduction of Frederic Edwin Church’s 1861 The Icebergs; the three-voice audio script is compiled from excerpts from Church’s didactic exhibition text “The North,” from the Canadian Manual of Standard Procedures for Observing and Reporting Ice Conditions (MANICE), and from the artist’s notes and reflections on the history, movements, and politics of Church’s painting of ice.