How to Find North

How to Find North, installation accompanying short film Broken Symmetry; video projection, steel frames; sandbags quilted from satin, landscaping fabric, and dye transfer prints of Caspar David Friedrich’s The Sea of Ice and Frederic Edwin Church’s Study for the Icebergs; bioconcrete shelves and stones from ground eggshell, iron filings, and gelatin; temporary compass needles; floor treatment and vessels from exhausted dyes, dye precipitates, and iron oxide liquor.  Installation dimensions variable; structures are approximately 30 x 30 x 10″ or smaller.

Each steel structure supports a vessel of water, in which a temporarily magnetized bit of metal (a sewing needle; a safety pin; a picture nail) acts as a compass needle, pointing toward magnetic north. These needles are re-magnetized once per day, a gesture echoed and unpacked by the narration of the accompanying short film Broken Symmetry.